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Disclaimer: If you experience any problem while downloading the videos do the following:

1.Refresh your browser page and try again.

2.Check the speed of your internet connectivity.

3.Check if the link you have copied is correct.


Download Linkedin Video – Online Linkedin Instant Video Downloader

Linkedin video downloader is one of the best and trusted online tool for instant video downloading all over the world. This tool will help you download and save your favourite videos from Linkedin website or blog to your devices e.g computer and smartphones. Videos format comes in form of mp.4 and very high quality and resolution videos that you will love. Both the normal and high definition quality are available for download here on InstantVideoDownloader. The tool is free and you can have unlimited downloads any time you wish to. If you are stuck using InstantVideoDownloader you can follow the procedure to take you through the whole process.


How To Use Instantvideodownloader to download videos from Linkedin

-Go to the Linkedin website or app and choose the video you want to download.

-Copy the link of the video ,and the return back to instant video downloader and paste the link.

-Choose the quality of the video you want and hit the “Download” button to save the video in your device.


Mobile users

-Visit the app or the Linkedin website and copy the video you want to download.

-Copy the video and paste the link on the instantvideo downloader website.

-Choose the quality of the video you want to download and press “Download” to save on your device.


How safe is instant video dowloader?

InstantVideoDownloader is trusted by many users from all over the world. This is because we respect, the privacy of our users and we don’t collect any data from users ,plus our tool is entirely free to use for everyone. This tool is free from any kind of malware, so be assured that this tool is very safe and does not contain any malware.


Everyday all over 1000+ users from the world use our tool and appreciate it because it very safe from them and does not collect any data from them. Instant video downloader gives the desired quality of the video you wanted to download in a very safe and secure manner. We suggest you to continue using out tool and don’t other tools on the world wibe which may contain malicious malwares.


Linkedin video downloader has become one of the most used downloader by people to download the favourite videos they see on Linkedin. This tool is free to use and it come with othe 40+ tools for downloading. The other tools include facebook instant downloader, instagram video downloader, youtube video downloader ,tiktok video downloader, twitch instant instant video downloader, pinterest instant video downloader , dailymotion instant video downloader, souncloud instant video downloader, Vk instant video downloader,linkedin instant video downloader and many more others. With this tool you can download your favourite videos from most the most famous website.


Why you want to use instant video downloader to download videos.


- To save your favourite video on your laptop,pc or mobile phone.

-To share your favourite videos with your friends on other platforms.

-To store in your device for future use

Features of instant video downloader

-Mp4 good quality format supported.

-Multiple videos download supported.

-Large file download supported.

-Higher definition video download supported.

-Fast download speed

-Download videos in the background.


Instant video downloader can help you download many videos overnight on a Wi-fi connection ,making sure they’re ready for you to watch or use in other way anytime . Instant video download is very comfortable tools ,and comes with no restrictions. This tool as an attarctive interface and gives you the preview of the video you want to download , for you to verify , it the video you want before downloading it.


To import videos from the other urls , all you need to do is to copy the videos from the other platforms and paste it in the instant video downloader input bar, and then click on “Download”. Once you have done this Instant video downloader provides you with the information of the video , you want to download ,including the file name, progress, status and the remaining time. To start you download you need to choose the format you want either “Mp4” or “HD”.

Free Online Video Downloader

Download Video

To download Videos From youtube, Facebook, Twitter ansd other websites use a native tool and follow theses steps.

  1. Copy the link of video you want to download 
  2. Open native tool on Instant video downloader 
  3. Paste your link in download box 
  4. Press download 
  5. All qualities of video will be appear just click on it and download

Download Audio

If you like any video and you just want to download MP3/Audio file of video follow the theses methode to get your Audio file.

  1. Copy the link of any video 
  2. Paste it in download box and click on download
  3. After that download page will be appear here you found two menu button Video and Audio 
  4. Click on audio button and download will be start.

Download Image

Many social Media like instagram they do not have any option to download your Favourate image but don't woory on Instant video downloader you can download any image from instagram.

  1. Copy image link
  2. Past it in Instagram downloader box
  3. Click on download

Your Downloading will be start